Real-World Insights for Predictive Power

Our analytics services provide our clients with the ability to derive rich insights from a longitudinal view of medical and pharmacy claims.

We have aggregated medical and pharmacy healthcare claims from multiple sources, providing claims data for over 37 million individuals across multiple regions across the United States. Continuously updated, the data facilitates joint analysis of medical and pharmacy data, allowing visibility into analyses such as medical cost utilization, disease and comorbidity prevalence, disease burden, condition/drug interactions and treatment progression.

Currently, the data represents approximately:

  • Coverage of 39 million total individual American consumers and 22 million active enrollees
  • 4+ million Providers and Healthcare Organizations
  • 5+ years of claims history with an average membership duration of 3.15 years
  • Over $100 Billion in total claims (for 2019)
  • Professional, inpatient, and outpatient medical claims
  • Pharmacy claims representing 90,000 different NDC codes

HealthDataBoard features LeapYear’s privacy-preserving analytics platform, powered by differential privacy, which enables enterprises operating in highly regulated industries to safely create value from their most sensitive datasets. By embedding mathematically proven privacy protection into every computation, statistics and model, LeapYear enables analysts to generate insights from data without exposing the underlying data itself.

HealthDataBoard protects individuals’ privacy (PHI) while putting predictive power in the hands of those working to improve healthcare for the greater good.