Trustworthy Healthcare Intelligence Advocates

We are a group of individuals and organizations that have come together to provide a source for trusted thought leadership created through multi-functional data-driven collaboration. Our analytics and consulting services help clients derive insights from rich longitudinal datasets with information about medical and pharmacy costs, utilization and outcomes. Industry leading data scientists utilizing state-of-the-art differential privacy intelligence have the predictive power or BIG DATA and Machine Learning applications to help leaders answer a range of important questions about healthcare trends, giving them the ability to:

  • use medical conditions and current services to estimate market opportunity for services, devices and drugs
  • estimate and track market share and identify substitution patterns
  • detect trends in usage and pricing
  • estimate the impact of changing government policies
  • track and compare groups of individuals over time
  • understand the relationship between conditions and the treatments used to manage them

HealthDataBoard protects individuals’ privacy (PHI) while putting predictive power in the hands of those working to improve healthcare for the greater good.