Ground-breaking Technology Provides Mathematically Proven Privacy

The rise of large-scale data collection and machine learning has been accompanied by pressing questions around privacy, security and data access.

HealthDataBoard features LeapYear’s privacy-preserving analytics platform, which enables enterprises operating in highly regulated industries to safely create value from their most sensitive datasets. Powered by differential privacy, the platform provides a mathematically rigorous mechanism to safely leverage and share insights across institutional silos, geographic borders and with third parties, all while preserving privacy and confidentiality.

By embedding mathematically proven privacy protection into every computation, statistics and model, LeapYear enables analysts to generate insights from sensitive, regulated data.

LeapYear’s platform allows us to break down silos, form partnerships and enhance our client’s ability to make informed decisions.

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HealthDataBoard protects individuals’ privacy (PHI) while putting predictive power in the hands of those working to improve healthcare for the greater good.