Trusted Insights for Healthcare Transformation

HealthDataBoard services put valuable information in the hands of those working to improve healthcare for all.

Creating Unprecedented Value with Private and Secure Healthcare Information

HealthDataBoard services allows scientists, researchers, policy makers and financial analysts seeking healthcare insight to create analysis from large and diverse datasets across millions of lives and hundreds of organizations — including doctors, clinics, specialists and hospitals — through advanced analytic applications protected by differential privacy.

Our platform embeds mathematically proven privacy into every computation, statistic and model, enabling analysts and data scientists to generate maximum insight from our diverse datasets without exposing the data itself.

With HealthDataBoard services, our clients have the ability to safely leverage and share data across institutional silos, geographical borders and with third parties while respecting privacy, confidentiality and health industry security regulations.

Knowledge Equals Power

HealthDataBoard Knowledge Equals Power

HealthDataBoard’s powerful analytics package gleans insights from millions of complex and complicated health transactions, giving our clients the ability to derive analytical insights from a rich longitudinal dataset, without ever giving analysts direct access to data, any sensitive information or protected health information (PHI).

Secured with industry-leading, privacy-preserving analytics technology by LeapYear, HealthDataBoard provides researchers and healthcare professionals unprecedented capability to make data-driven decisions across a robust span of topics including:

  • business operation improvements
  • quantification of market opportunity for services, devices and drugs
  • details that assist and enhance accuracy of diagnosis and treatment
  • and the ability to perform cohort treatment and epidemiological analysis to assess potential risk factors for public health

HealthDataBoard protects individuals’ privacy (PHI) while putting predictive power in the hands of those working to improve healthcare for the greater good.